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Today, each ranking system uses a different set of weighted indicators or metrics to measure higher education activities and Performances for educational Institutions and service Industries. Existing international comparisons of higher education institutions focus on research, measured by proxies such as the number of published articles, citations, and Nobel Prize winners, or on mostly resource inputs and many just rank by perception. There is no reliable comparative information on what students have learned or can do as a result of their time at university. Measurement of educational outcomes is complicated and controversial. If it is poorly done, it may lead to distortion in decision-making. Making assessments that are valid across institutions, cultures and disciplines presents numerous scientific and practical challenges.


IRIF ranking is considered as most effective assessment of higher education learning outcomes that would allow comparison between higher education institutions across city, district, Division, University, states and national and global level. IRIF Ranking process is a feasibility study to determine outcome and its comparison scientifically acknowledge method, which stake holders’ desire.

The IRIF Ranking is a self Introspection to the Governing Board; this information could contribute to schools/higher education institutions’ knowledge of their own teaching performance, and thereby provide a tool for development and improvement.The rapid growth in higher education – number of students and institutions – and its increasing internationalization, has led to attention to its quality and relevance.Constructing an assessment of education outcomes means developing new measures, and a new methodology. Through Ranking Criteria it is our intention to explore whether it is possible to provide new elements of knowledge and understanding about what it is that students have learned and can do perform.

IRIF International Ranking Criteria

IRIF Ranking is available at Various Level Such as City Level, District Level, University Level, National Level, International Level. So, According to the need of Organization or Institution. respective Institute can apply for the IRIF Ranking.

To Apply for the IRIF Ranking Respective Institute/ Organization Need to Send an Email Request at ranking@iriforum.com, Our team will guide all the related Procedures/steps for IRIF Ranking. For Various Levels of IRIF Ranking Processing Fees is different. Which can be Paid by Online Mode at Our Website.

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