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IRIF is an International Forum which is a association of worldwide researchers that have agreed to work together on a basis to achieve common facilitation objectives. We are a major world forum for developing the principles and practices for the conduct of conformity assessment that will deliver the confidence needed for market acceptance. We act through the accreditation of those bodies that certify or register management systems, products, personnel and/or inspection.

We promote the worldwide acceptance of certificates of conformity issued by inspection, certification and/or registration bodies accredited by an Accreditation Body Member of IRIF, and seek to add value for all stakeholders through what we do and through our programs.

We bring together, on a worldwide basis, partner accreditation bodies and representatives of stakeholder groups that seek to facilitate global academic standards though the acceptance of accredited certificates of conformity.

We develop and/or recognize appropriate processes and practices for the conduct of conformity assessment worldwide and ensure their universal application by IRIF Accreditation Body Members and their accredited certification, registration and/or inspection bodies.

We consult widely with stakeholders in developing our accreditation program to deliver the best possible standard of conformity assessment in order to provide our stakeholders with a value added outcome.

We influence world through linking and working with other key international organizations and industry groups.

Stages for Accreditation

1.Online Self evaluation

2.Application with the Self evaluation Score SES for 1 year accreditation( Without ETV )

3.Application with the Self Evaluation Score SES for 3 Years accreditation.( ETV mandatory )

Note: In Step:3 Incase of ETV visit, an additional Team Visit Fees of 1500 USD will be required to be paid in advance.

Note: IRIF International Accreditation process can be done on the First Priority Basis (FPB) within 10 working days from the date of the application by the institutions with an additional FPB fees of 1000 USD in some urgent cases with a request and valid reason for same.

4.Visit of Expert Team Evaluation.

5.Award of Accreditation.

Accreditation bodies around the world, which have been evaluated by peers as competent, have signed an arrangement that enhances the acceptance of products and services across national borders.

The purpose of the arrangement, the IRIF (ACCREDITATION), is to ensure mutual recognition of accredited certification between members to the ACCRIDITATION, and subsequently acceptance of accredited certification in many markets based on one accreditation.

For Governors - The IRIF ACCREDITATION provides governors with a credible and robust framework on which to further develop and enhance bilateral and multilateral international agreements. The long-term aim is the fully accepted use and recognition, by both public and private universities, industries, of accredited certification, including certificates from other countries. In this way, the free-trade goal of “certified once, accepted everywhere” will be realised.

IRIF showcases the benefits of accredited testing, inspection, and certification to meet policy objectives.

For management /Institition/ Universities- The IRIF ACCREDITATION represents an internationally recognised ‘stamp of approval’ to demonstrate compliance against agreed standards and requirements. Consequently, risk is minimised, as decisions will be based on reliable certificates. Many specifiers, such as government agencies, have recognised the importance of credible accreditation programs that are developed against internationally recognised standards. Accreditation and the IRIF ACCREDITATION help regulators meet their own legislated responsibilities by providing a globally recognised system to accept accredited certification.

For Business - the IRIF ACCREDITATION provides businesses that are procuring products and services with greater confidence in their consistency of quality. Businesses can therefore select suppliers from further afield in the knowledge that they will receive products and services that conform to a recognized standard.

For organizations/ Institutions- Having products assessed and certified as conforming to a particular standard allows Universities / Institutions/ schools to distinguish themselves from others thereby creating a competitive advantage.

The IRIF ACCREDITATION ensures that standards, specifications and conformity assessment methods are the same, allowing one certificate or certification to be recognised around the world. This lowers the cost of accredited certification and reduces the risk of products or services being rejected by international trading partners.

For Consumers and Stake holders -Consumer / Satke holders confidence can be gained from Quality of Academic Standards /Services/ Product mark or carry a certificate of conformity. The IRIF ACCREDITATION ensures that such goods and services placed on the market, from which ever country of origin, meet standards of quality and safety.


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